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Type in your startup's name and description and watch as we build your website in real-time using AI. Tweak the details and you're ready to launch!

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Easy and intuitive way to create landing pages

AI-powered landing page generation

Submit your product idea and description, and let our AI do the rest. LampBuilder generates a complete landing page layout, copy, and images in seconds.

Easy on-page editing

Effortlessly edit your landing page directly on-site. No confusing back-end portals; just simple, intuitive adjustments right where you need them.

Customizable call to actions

Craft compelling call-to-actions that can be linked to any destination. Drive conversions and user engagement with ease.

Built-in waitlist and email follow-ups

Grow your user base from day one. Our built-in waitlist feature comes with automatic email follow-ups, keeping your audience engaged.

Free custom domain hosting

Launch your site with a professional touch. We offer free custom domain hosting, setting you up for success.

Rich library of components

With our premium package, access a wide range of customizable components to make your landing page unique and engaging.

Built-in SEO optimization

Optimize your page for search engines right out of the box. We make sure your site is ready to rank.

Multi-language support

Reach a global audience with multi-language support. LampBuilder lets you communicate with users in their preferred language.

See LampBuilder in action

Explore landing page templates.

Startup Template

Template for a startup landing page.

App Template

Template for an app landing page.

GPT Template

Template or a GPT landing page.

From idea to launch in minutes

Ideal for startup founders looking to test ideas and launch products quickly.

Your personal web designer

Using LampBuilder is like working with your personal designer, but getting the experience and results in real time. You have full control to prompt the AI or make direct edits on the page, whether selecting components, writing copy, or generating images. All in a chat-like experience.

Easy and intuitive on-page editing

Our goal is to create the simplest and most intuitive web design experience. No more confusing back office admin panels or cluttered pop ups. LampBuilder lets you edit your landing page directly on the page, with a simple click and edit interface.

Go live and convert users

Our templates are ideal for startup founders looking to launch their projects hastle free, whether a SaaS startup, app, course, podcast, or even a GPT. LampBuilder has a built-in waitlist feature if you are collecting early users or simply redirecting to your product or service. You can go live with your idea on a free custom domain or upgrade to get Premium components in minutes.

It feels like magic

Discover the power of AI-driven web design with LampBuilder. Get started today for free, or unlock the full potential of your ideas with our premium features.

Hear it from our awesome customers

See how LampBuilder makes landing pages easy and intuitive.

  • I tried it and was greatly impressed by the quality and accuracy (content-wise) of the first iteration, which is produced immediately with very little input.

    Sergi Gomez
    User Review
  • Quick, simple way to launch a website :)

    Michael Brink
    User Review
  • I love the simplicity and ease of use! It also allows to easily connect a domain so you could have a website up and running in a few seconds.

    Pol Valls Soler
    User Review


Ideal for getting started with LampBuilder.


  • x1 AI Landing Page
  • Basic Components
  • On-Page Editing
  • Waitlist
  • Basic Metrics
  • x1 Subdomain Hosting
  • x1 Free Custom Domain Hosting


Unleash the full potential of LampBuilder.


  • x20 AI Landing Pages
  • Custom Components
  • On-Page Editing
  • Waitlist
  • Metrics
  • x100 AI Edits Per Day
  • x20 Subdomain Hosting
  • x3 Custom Domain Hosting
  • Remove 'Powered by Lampbuilder' in the footer
  • No refunds


Contact us. Ideal for reselling and client projects.


  • Custom AI Landing Pages
  • Custom Components
  • On-Page Editing
  • Waitlist
  • Metrics
  • On-Page Editing
  • Custom AI Edits Per Day
  • Custom Domain Hosting
  • Remove 'Powered by Lampbuilder' in the footer
  • No refunds

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