Timeline and Roadmap

Current Priorities

May, 2024Multi-page website support.P1
In progress
May, 2024Add additional landing page components, new designs, additional sections.P2
In progress
May, 2024Improve structure of version control in backend (undo, redo functionality).P2
In progress
May, 2024Upgrade image handling to lay groundwork for custom components and additional AI image generation sources.P2
In progress
May, 2024SEO: Added structured data to the editor, including JSON-LD and schema.org markup.P2
To do
May, 2024SEO: Added sitemap.xml generation to the editor.P2
To do
May, 2024Add direct color/theme editing.P3
To do
May, 2024Custom HTML snippets for embedding custom code, particularly for analytics scripts.P3
To do


May 21, 2024Update favicon to match site color scheme.P3
May 20, 2024Update single language sites to not have a language route in the URL.P3
May 10, 2024Fix bug with latest draft handling, which intermittently leads to sites no longer being editable.P1
Apr 17, 2024SEO: Added metadata to the editor, including title, description, etc.P1
Apr 17, 2024Improved reliability of the site generation and regeneration.P1
Oct 15, 2023Improved UI: reposition sections, regenerate with prompts and more.P1
Oct 10, 2023

Metrics: Improved Lampbuilder metrics, including pageviews and waitlist.

Oct 10, 2023Dashoard: Pageview and waitlist analytics for sites.P2
Oct 2, 2023Waitlist.P3
Sep 12, 2023Undo, Redo and Regenerate.P2
Sep 7, 2023AI Image generation + Unsplash images.P2
Aug 27, 2023Custom image uploads.P2
Aug 22, 2023

Blog: Launched the AI Super Founder Blog.

Aug 15, 2023

Metrics: Added some Open Startup metrics to track how we're doing.

Aug 8, 2023

Hacker News: Posted on Hacker news and got a spike of usage and great feedback.

Aug 1, 2023

Pricing: Updated pricing based on user feedback - there's a need for a completely free and fast landing page builder, similar to LaunchRock in the early days.

Jul 25, 2023Survey: Emailed a survey to early users to get product feedback.P2
Jul 18, 2023

Launch: Simple startup landing page builder - type a description, generate a page that can be instantly edited and linked to a custom domain. Announced on ProductHunt.